Civil Litigation Singapore – Solve Disputes in the Court of Law

civil litigation singapore

Disputes are common in every field of life – be it personal or work. There are various types of disputes and their answers, which is why many organizations or people rely on litigation. Civil litigation is only started if the involved parties cannot form an agreement. If mediation or arbitration doesn’t work, you have to take civil litigation singapore as a necessary step.

What is a civil litigation lawyer?

If you have any type of dispute and cannot seem to come to an agreement, you may decide to fight the legal battle in court against the other party involved. Here the impartial jury decides. In court, a civil litigation lawyer represents you.

What does civil litigation include?

Civil litigation doesn’t include criminal charges and has no jail time. Some issues that can be counted in civil litigation are:

  • Breach of the terms of any contract
  • Tenant-landlord disputes
  • A breach in the workspace, including wrongful termination and discrimination
  • Labor disputes
  • Compensation claims of workers that may include personal injuries
  • Real estate disputes regarding purchase or sale
  • Property damage and construction liability
  • Infringing intellectual property
  • Financial fraud

Why hire civil litigation lawyers?

Civil litigation Singapore disputes can be quite complex and need legal expertise like a lawyer. On pressing charges, the lawyer has to do appropriate research and find the information useful in the court of law.

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