Can I Have A Lactation Cookie While I Am Pregnant?

Being a mother is the best feeling that any woman could ever have. The journey of motherhood brings some differences in the women, physical as well as mental conditions. She becomes caring and calm.

There arise many questions during the pregnancy of the women. Especially if she is pregnant for the first time. They have a curiosity as well as nervousness to know everything and process about the journey. So, this article will answer your question, can i have lactation cookies while pregnant?

What are lactation cookies?

Lactation cookies are prepared by utilizing galactagogues or other edible items that are believed to improve the production of breast milk. Many women have seen the difference after consuming these cookies. They have seen an increase in the amount of breast milk production.

What are galactogogues?

Galactogogues are the milk production boosting ingredients found in lactation products. It is not a single component. They are a mixture of oats, fenugreek, flaxseeds, brewer’s yeast.

To whom these cookies are beneficial?

Some women feel that their breast milk production is not enough. For them, such cookies are extremely beneficial. They even contain many other nutritional contents aside from the galactogogues. As these contain many highly nutritive ingredients, these cookies are very healthy in your diet and would not lead to any issues.

It also helps to reduce postpartum stress. This is due to the combination of Brewer’s yeast and flaxseed present in the cookies.

Can I have a lactation cookie while I am pregnant? This question must be answered after knowing the benefits.