My Chevy S-10 was the Best Truck I Ever Owned

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The best and only truck I ever owned was a 1989 Chevy S-10. I bought it with the help of my dad in 1998 from a used car lot outside Kokomo, Indiana. I called it the Papa Smurf truck because it was the same color as a Smurf. It was an ex-government truck with low mileage of about 77,000 miles on it. It also did not have cruise control and a working radio. My grandpa gave me a radio that he had lying around. I think it had been from my sister’s car because it ate tapes. same day delivery

I thought it was a fun and fast truck to drive. I liked driving it because the truck bed came in handy to move items. Although inconsiderate people thought the truck bed was a great place to throw their trash. I also felt like I did not have blind spots as I do in other vehicles. The truck never seemed to break down except the one time the brakes went out. I mean there were minor issues but they were fixable. It was a solid built truck with rusted spots. I never had a flat tire in it but my dad would borrow it and he had three. I dented the truck a couple times but I thought it added more character. The only thing I really did not like about the truck was the blue vinyl seat. It was very hot during the summer and cold in the winter. I usually kept it covered with a blanket. There were limitations that only two other people could ride with me. I think we might have fit three. I had a tendency to throw things behind the seat and forget about it. I guess, I never knew when I might need my roller blades. A cop pulled me over once in the truck for speeding and it happened because I went through a small town and did not realize it. The cop was nice and only gave me a warning. My boyfriend drove it and received a ticket from a cop because he was not wearing his seatbelt on a snowy day.

I drove it until I bought a Jeep and kept it as a backup vehicle. I drove the truck whenever my cursed Jeep had issues. I kept it until I bought a new car and gave the truck to my nephew. My nephew did some work on it and then eventually sold it when he bought a different vehicle.