How to organize a fruitful corporate step challenge


The advanced 21st-century offices are a wonder of prolificacy, but on the other hand, it is also centric on latency or inactivity. Employees are likely to spend more than half of their day before a PC screen, and these individuals are gradually led to inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most significant well-being challenges in advanced age, prompting many incurable diseases to subside in your body.

The pandemic era has also added an adaptable feature to our active working lifestyle, i.e., working from home. This has additionally contributed to languishing our aggregate well-being. It has been discovered that a regular introductory walk can lessen your visits to a medical center and diminish the chances of getting a stroke or other ailments. A corporate health program can contribute significantly to bringing about this practice. By planning a corporate step challenge, organizations can spur people to build a sense of fitness and well-being.

Specific pointers must be kept in mind before organizing this challenge.

  1. Short duration – a short challenge period will attract the workers’ attention. They will view it as an easy task to accomplish and a quick way to offset the boredom.
  2. Motivating the employees – employees may state several reasons to avoid such activities. Constant motivation can persuade them to participate in the challenge.
  3. Exciting rewards – a winning award can tempt employees to be a part of such challenges.

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