Everything To Know About Green Mark Certification

Everything To Know About Green Mark Certification

Creating the green mark certification Scheme took place in January 2005. When a project’s idea and design and made, it is supposed to disseminate across the built environment and raise environmental awareness among the developers, designers, and builders.

  • Audit Of The Energy System

For our clients, an energy audit is a health check for a building that allows us to identify and offer energy-saving measures. Chiller plants, for example, can be the subject of a more narrowly focused audit than a more comprehensive one.

Green mark certification helps stakeholders understand the current environmental situations surrounding their building to make well-informed decisions about how and where it may be saved and utilized efficiently. A more significant investment return may be using our thorough energy audits for green mark certification enterprises.

  • BCA Green Mark Consulting And Submission Services

It’s a method for evaluating green buildings that aim to determine how well they operate and their environmental impact. New and existing buildings may use a comprehensive framework to promote sustainable design, construction standards, and efficient building operations. Several kinds and degrees of certification are available for new and existing non-residential buildings.

It will give sustainable methods greater weight in the future. Because of the severity of the climate change situation, we all need to put sustainability first in our daily lives. Companies and buildings may benefit from Green Mark Certification by enhancing their image and increasing their resale value.

Green Mark-certified buildings provide better air quality for employees, reduce energy consumption, and implement procedures to ensure their environmental effect in the future.